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International Congress

for Men’s Health

Venue –Pattaya, Thailand

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About ISAMH World Conference

The meeting shall highlight exciting work in basic science, translational medicine, and clinical practice, and demonstrates the value of collaboration between the bench and bedside with lectures presented by international experts and thought leaders in andrology.

The breadth of topics presented at the Annual Meeting facilitate interaction among all members and stimulate new ideas in the field. It is an opportunity to for scientists and clinicians to connect and network with world renowned Andrologists thereby creating opportunities to learn new methodologies, more deeply understand and evaluate the current state of the art in Andrology and open up new opportunities.

Why to Attend?

  • ISAMH shall organize a yearly conference for the medical professionals worldwide to present the latest developments in Andrology & Men’s Health
  • Panel Discussions for current state and future directions in Andrology & Men’s Health
  • Enabling scientific & industrial partnerships for the betterment of related therapeutical medicine & medical devices

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